Fireplace Room

The Fireplace Room is adjacent to the restaurant. Breakfast for our guests (breakfast buffet) is served here. Dozen or so tables will allow every guest to find a cosy place to have their meal. The Fireplace Room features separate restrooms, garden access and an audio system. The room also facilitates a large screen LCD TV, which will enable our guests to watch a movie, a football match or a multimedia presentation. 
Together with the adjacent Baroque Room it may accommodate 65 guests, and it is a perfect venue for any closed gathering.

In summer months there is a direct access room here to our garden and the marquee. The room frequently facilitates nearby companies’ management meetings .

The room’s tranquil atmosphere will not be disturbed by other motel guests, consequently it is an ideal venue for a romantic night out for two. Quiet music provides an atmospheric backdrop for any conversation.

Photo gallery - Fireplace Room

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